Slowinski Atkins, LLP obtains $30,000 settlement for attorneys’ fees after threatening Rule 11 sanctions

May 18, 2017 | SA News

Slowinski Atkins, LLP recovered $30,000 on behalf of Chevron and Texaco after threatening Rule 11 sanctions against plaintiff’s attorneys in a federal court action. The settlement arises out of a breach of contract action filed by a jobber and former owner of a gasoline service station property leased to Texaco Inc. The plaintiff contended that Texaco was obligated to rebuild a service station after it was destroyed by a fire. After the United States District Court granted summary judgment in favor of Chevron and Texaco a demand was made for attorneys’ fees alleging that the complaint was frivolous. While a motion for fees was pending the plaintiff agreed to pay attorneys’ fees in the amount of $30,000 rather than risking a greater award.

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