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At Slowinski Atkins LLP, our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions for complex cases when the stakes run high in the courtroom. And our proven record in doing so stands as our greatest marketing asset.

Our goal is never merely to win; it is to win at minimal cost. That is why we have been hired by some of the world’s largest corporations. But our representation of Fortune 100 and 500 companies has never caused us to lose sight of the bottom line.

We have adhered to our hallmark – the ability to deliver quality legal services that match the nation’s biggest law firms at rates competitive with its smallest.

Contact SA today and we will show you why we are the right choice. Every time!

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Slowinski Atkins, LLP - NJ

Eisenhower Corporate Campus
290 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Suite 2310
Livingston, New Jersey 07039
Phone: (973) 740-2228
Fax: (973) 740-2284

NJ Location

Eisenhower Corporate Campus
290 West Mt. Pleasant Ave, Suite 2310, Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 740-2228

Slowinski Atkins, LLP - NY

576 Fifth Avenue
Suite 903
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 330-7628
Fax: (212) 330-7629

NY Location

576 Fifth Avenue Suite 903, New York, NY 10036
(212) 330-7628

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