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A unique law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective service available in the legal marketplace. Our innovative approach and unsurpassed service has attracted a broad range of clients from individuals and small business owners to Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations. Read what our clients are saying about Slowinski Atkins LLP.

Note: None of the testimonials have been requested or invited by Slowinski Atkins, LLP. All testimonials are from unsolicited comments received from clients. Due to attorney-client privilege the names of the clients have not been identified with more specificity, however references are available upon request.

“Thank you for the outstanding results you achieved at trial. Congratulations on a fine victory!”

Senior Counsel

Fortune 500 Company

“Great news! Once again your persistence has paid off with an excellent result for our company. As mentioned in my voice mail, I and my colleagues have the highest regard for you and your staff and can’t thank you enough for all the great results you have obtained since the day you first started doing work for us over 12+ years (could it be) ago. I look forward to many more years of what has been both a great professional and personal relationship!”

Senior Counsel

Environmental Practice Group, Fortune 100 Company

“We are really happy that we can finally put this to rest. We do appreciate your efforts in mitigating this matter and protecting our interests. This whole ordeal had been emotionally draining. Honestly we couldn’t have done it without your professional help. Maybe if we had retained your service from day one, things would’ve been very different. We finally got lucky toward the end and found a good attorney to help us through. If we had left this matter up to the other attorney, not only we would not have collected the restoration reimbursement, this case would have continued to drag on forever.

Again, we thank you for your assistance in this matter. Please send us the final bill once the filing with the court is completed.”

Individual homeowners

“Excellent news on the victory. This is just one more example of the fine work you do for our company. I literally can’t recall another outside attorney with such a track record!”


Environmental Claims Department, Major NJ insurance provider

“Your command of the case facts, law, strategies and the implementation of our case plan using all available tools in our arsenal led to this fantastic victory. Target destroyed…and the best part is that we warned them!”

Senior Counsel

U.S. major oil company

“It was a pleasure to work with you on the very recent trial. I was deeply impressed by your organization, attention to detail, and ability to absorb and understand so much technical detail at trial. I wish the both of you continued success in your legal careers.”

Expert and courtroom observer

“We received the money via wire into our account. I was meaning to give you a call but I wasn’t in the office much this week. I just wanted to thank you so much for handling the case for me. The level of professionalism and efficiency was something I’ve never experienced before. Thru the 25-30 years of being in business I have used many attorneys. None of them have even come close to the service you provided. I just wish you had handled my other legal matters. I’ll give you a call next week. Thanks so much again.”


NJ contractor and developer

“I initially questioned the amount of preparation time that I put into this case which I assure you was double the hours for which I submitted charges. However when I saw how you prepare past midnight each day I was present, I see that the key to success is preparation. I enjoyed working with you and was accused of only complimenting you in your absence. I find receiving or giving verbal compliments directly awkward. You might be interested to know that an observer in the courtroom was very enthusiastic about your skills not just in toxic tort law but in understanding the complex issues involving hydromechanics and chemistry.”

Expert and courtroom observer

“Thank you for your report. This is exactly the sort of status report and strategy outline that I sincerely appreciate receiving from outside counsel. You have succinctly expressed the factors that will come into play in our defense.”

Associate Counsel

U.S. major oil company

Thank you for keeping me apprised on your continued success in obtaining dismissals for our insured with regard to the asbestos litigation. Keep up the good work!

Technical Analyst

Environmental Claim Department, Major U.S. insurance company

“Per our telephone conversation today, you advised me that you prevailed in the Federal Court cases thus successfully obtaining dismissals on all the pending claims. Great Job!”

Technical Analyst

Environmental Claim Department

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